Dolphins – Over 23,000 of them are slaughtered each year

Dolphins, intelligent, friendly, fascinating and heroic. Yes, even heroic, there are countless instances where dolphins have saved peoples lives throughout history.

The Greeks recognized this and went to the extreme to protect them. Anyone caught killing a dolphin was himself sentenced to death. Pretty strong stuff, and we don’t want to get into different ancient Greek extremes, however, you can see that mankind has had a fascination with dolphins for a long time.

Fast-forward several thousand years, dolphins no longer enjoy the same type of protection, and in fact they are being senselessly killed in wholesale numbers every year. Over 23,000 dolphins are killed every year.

23,000 dolphins slaughtered for their meat which isn’t even actively eaten. That comes out to 442.3 dolphins killed ever week to be sold as more expensive whale meat. 63 dolphins murdered every day so their mercury lace meat can be given to school children. How about 2.63 dolphins every hour?

23,000 dolphins? That can’t be right, somebody would do something about it right? And the answer is yes and no. Japan is a whaling/fishing nation, and there is an international whaling commission. They are a great big toothless commission made up from different member nations that gets together and does a lot of nothing. So those in the position to stop the killing of dolphins really can’t do anything.

Japan has its lobby, and they know how to buy votes so that they can continue in their “tradition” but as a whole the International Whaling Commission is a joke.

Only the larger whales are under protection from the commission, so a large number of smaller ones fall out. And that is where you will find dolphins.

If you’ve have the opportunity to watch The Cove you will get a front row seat at one of the commissions conferences. And there you will see how ineffective they really are.

In one such meeting Japan’s representative goes as far to say that dolphins are vermin. Vermin? You mean like rats?

It turns out that Japanese studies have proven that dolphins eat fish. Hum, interesting. And? And there has been a noticeable decline in the fish population year after year. Ahah! SO what you are saying is that dolphins are responsible for the ever declining fish population? You’re sure it isn’t because we’re pulling more and more fish out of the sea every year? No, according to Japan’s whaling spokes person dolphins are the problem, and by senselessly and brutally killing them, they are somehow putting things right.

It is an interesting spin, no wait, it is completely irrational and embarrassing that somebody speaking before a whaling commission could even bring themselves to spread propaganda like that. That alone shows how incapable of solving the problem the IWC is.


So if the official whaling commission can’t stop the murder of dolphins in Taiji what hope is there? You. Me. And whoever else we’re able to make aware of this despicable act of animal cruelty.

Oh and there a couple of other people involved, too. Ric O’Barry and the Oceanic Preservation Society have taken an active role in bring the massacre to light and to an end. Through their documentation The Cove they have made a big step forward. I strongly recommend that you watch the film, and when you do you will want to find a way to help. But you should be warned the film makers were able to capture the pure brutality of the whole situation and there are very graphic scenes of violence in the documentation.

Now, if you want to get involved and help stop the slaughter in Taiji there are somethings you can do.

Here is a list taken from Ric’s Save Japan Dolphins website.

Help support our efforts in Japan to stop the killing of dolphins:
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Help us get the word out.
Send a letter to President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Japanese Ambassador to the US.

Help us reach our goal of one-millions signatures on our Petition to stop the dolphin slaughter.

Press the Zoo and Aquarium Industry to stop the slaughter in Taiji:
The Aquarium industry must take responsibility to stop the drive fishery their colleagues exploit. Take action now.

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See the dolphin slaugher in Taiji, Japan (warning video contains graphic imagery).

Watch The Cove PSA

To close, Japan isn’t the only nation to hunt dolphins, Denmark also takes part in hunting dolphins. Not to mention the countless number of dolphins that end up caught in fishing nets each year. But something can be done about it, but it can’t be done alone, that is why we need your help. Get involved today.

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  1. I haven’t been back to your site for a while. Wow this is sickening. All of those dolphins killed every year. Michelle is right, thanks for sharing this, I didn’t know that this was happening.

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